June 23, 2024

MAV are proud to announce a further development of their groundbreaking Rapier 50IQ Intelligent ANPR camera. To provide our partners with the easiest of set-up, truEZoom™ has now been added to provide further camera set-up functionality.

The background to this needs some explanation as it is not always obvious why truEZoom™ would be useful until you have personally seen how hard systems are to set up without it! When working with any photographic images from moving vehicles it is important to get the target field of view (image width) and depth of field (focus) correct. If we use almost any camera, we are used to the idea of AutoFocus and AutoExposure. That’s great when the thing you want to photograph is static and well lit. Now consider you are up a roadside gantry or pole trying to work out whether the passing vehicles are in focus when they fly by at 70 mph. The truth is that without some assistance or luck, setting up a zoom or varifocal camera is immensely hard to do on site, especially when alone. Even with a colleague who may stand in the road holding a sample plate, that’s a risk assessment nightmare and adds the cost of another member of staff on site. Try this at night and the problem becomes even harder – and night-time setup is required for almost all mobile deployments. Enter truEZoom™

truEZoom™ takes all the effort away from the installation process, it makes everything easy or EZ if you will:

  • Only one person is required to set the camera and start to receive perfectly focused images
  • Flexible target distance, simply setting the distance and pressing the ‘go’ button on the MAV application sets the zoom, focus and shutter speeds for both the ANPR and Overview cameras so that you will start to work immediately
  • Fine adjustment is easy with the ability to trim the focus, step the zoom in/out and adjust the brightness of the image with a press of the on-screen buttons
  • truEZoom™ even assists getting the right combination of settings for the iris and gain of the camera to ensure your depth of focus is maximised without introducing noise into the image
  • One press of the Save to preset and the job is done!truEZoom™ makes setup easy. Simple installs mean lower costs and higher productivity.