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Vehicle license plates differ the world over – often with multiple types within one country or region.  If it were simple to just point a camera at them, everyone would be able to do it.  The truth is that it isn’t simple and without specialist ANPR cameras the input to your system can be seriously compromised.

We do specialise in making very demanding situations simple for our customers by putting the R&D and design work into the cameras we sell to feed the best possible images that ensure highest recognition performance.

For a summary of how we have overcome challenges faced in a small sample of the countries we work in, please visit the selected country pages.

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MAV’s worldwide experience in summary

Real life experience…

MAV’s cameras are used in systems operating around the world. Our exposure to these systems has allowed us to develop advanced features in our cameras and illumination to cope with the challenges that are faced.

Lighting up high speed traffic night and day…

In addition to conventional ANPR camera technology, MAV have also produced a range of illuminators that offer improved night time lighting for capture of vehicle and driver details even on high speed traffic.

Best images regardless of challenges you face…

Whether you are facing a mix of retro-reflective and non-retro plates, a mix of small and large plate fonts, different printing colours, background images we have dealt with them all and can advise you on how to get the best images for your ANPR solution to achieve highest accuracy.


United States of America

Main issues faced:
  • Color of lettering requires different illumination wavelengths for some states e.g.Florida
  • Narrow plate lettering requires higher resolution
  • Background images require adaptive illumination

United Kingdom

Main issues faced:
  • Poor plate quality which required variable image settings
  • Sunlight effects requiring close integration with ANPR engine algorithms


Main issues faced:
  • Non-retro plates require off-axis illumination
  • Mixed plate size requires higher resolution cameras

Saudi Arabia

Main issues faced:
  • Color of lettering requires different illumination wavelengths for some states
  • Narrow plate lettering requires higher resolution
  • Background images require adaptive illumination


Main issues faced:
  • Mixed retro and non-retro requires adaptive illumination.
  • Mixed small and large plate sizes requires higher resolution for dealing with motorbikes in particular.

United Arab Emirates

Main issues faced:
  • Color of lettering and backgrounds requires different illumination wavelengths.
  • Region codes requires higher resolution.


Main issues faced:
  • Mixed retro and non-retro requires adaptive illumination.

Let us solve your ANPR challenges

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We know how to deal with:

  • mixed retro and non-retro
  • smaller plates
  • background images
  • different plate text colours
  • white light illumination
  • infra red illumination
  • overview images at night