Sector Solutions

MAV have been supporting a wide range of sectors for many years and are able to meet the needs of varying solutions through the provision of bespoke products. Being able to seamlessly fit into existing systems or provide a full solution from the start, has led to a provision of ANPR technology across multiple sectors throughout the world.

Smart City

With the increasing demands on our city infrastructure, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is seen as a way to manage transport resources more effectively. MAV’s Intelligent ANPR technology is becoming increasingly important and can provide significantly more information than simple traffic counters. Journey Time Analysis (JTA) can give you an insight into your town or city’s demands and allow you to make informed decisions to improve the infrastructure and efficiency procedures in place.

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Car Park Management

A further solution enabled by ANPR cameras is the effective and efficient processes now available for car park users. ANPR cameras provide support to access control which mean those wishing to park securely can enter and exit a car park without having to find a payment centre and can find notification as to spaces available per sector of the car park. This enables drivers to safely and securely pay at a later time providing ease of use and an efficient service for those needing to be quickly parked and quickly exited.

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Police & Security

MAV design and manufacture ANPR/ALPR cameras to meet the security requirements of partners throughout the world. Many CCTV and surveillance camera providers are often required to extend their portfolio of cameras to include ANPR but have no lasting partnerships to call upon. This is where MAV, and our range of Rapier cameras, can underpin security solution companies in meeting their client’s needs and ensuring they are positioned to meet all of their client’s security camera requirements.

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Civil Enforcement

A large proportion of police forces throughout the world use ANPR cameras to support them in conducting investigations as well as providing evidence when seeking convictions. They are a tool in eliminating the world of its criminal element and ensuring the safety and security of the world’s citizens. The police use both fixed and mobile ANPR camera units allowing for proactive and reactive actions in line with their needs and those of the public.

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