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Making a Home for ANPR Cameras

The team at MAV Systems Ltd are dedicated to making our range of products the cameras of choice for professional ANPR systems worldwide.

Experience you can rely on…
MAV Systems is a specialist ANPR and surveillance camera technology provider to users worldwide.  We have in-house design expertise spanning over 25 years of video solutions in covert and overt operations.

Most advanced independent supplier…
Over the past few years MAV Systems has grown in our range of products to become recognised as one of the most advanced independent ANPR camera suppliers.

In house design and manufacture…
Our in-house design and manufacturing capability ensures full control over quality and delivery times that allows us to be responsive to our customer’s particular needs.

Proven quality you can trust…
The high quality and functionality of our camera ranges have secured long established relationships as a trusted camera technology partner to Police, Military and Government departments.

Built in UK to the highest worldwide standards…
Our camera systems are designed for operation in harsh environments where they are able to withstand extremes of shock, vibration and temperature.


The Rapier range of cameras incorporate high-grade camera technology, innovative InfraRed (IR) pulsed LED design and multi processor control circuitry, providing formidable ANPR/ALPR performance for professional use in both fixed and mobile situations. The Rapier 30 and 50 range offer models perfect for fixed or mobile installations where recognition distance is critical, based on optical zoom technology, the camera can be configured dynamically for all situations.


At MAV we pride ourselves on providing first class customer service not only during the enquiry stage but for the life of the product purchased. Many businesses believe excellent customer service is going the extra mile but we feel it should be expected as part of the standard provision.

Excellent customer service drives loyalty and opens the door for successful partnerships because without constant communication and continual support most relationships break down. It is through the standardised excellence of our customer service that has led to partnerships that have lasted more than 10 years and with a growing list of businesses wanting to work with us, we are confident that our way of working is the best.


At MAV we have always felt that providing the highest quality products is not enough, it is part of the customer experience which should, in its entirety, be simple, effective and fulfilling in all objectives. We are proud of our partnerships and of the loyalty our partners give us and we know that it is the full MAV experience that drives such loyalty and so we strive to better it every day.

ANPR cameras support technological advancements throughout the world and, as a key supplier, we know that support is the pivotal word. We dedicate much of our time to our partners, enabling them to achieve their objectives which, in turn, allows us to achieve ours. Its not always about the ending, its the experience along the way.

We have in-house design expertise spanning over 25 years of video solutions in covert and overt operations.

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