One of the the many applications of ANPR is its use within car parking facilities. MAV cameras are already in use in car parks throughout the world and are bought to support the superior performance of ANPR systems that are in place or are planned to increase the revenue generated.

There are a number of applications for ANPR technology with car parking facilities which includes: parking automation and parking security, ticket-less parking fee management, parking access automation, vehicle location guidance, car theft prevention, “lost ticket” fraud, fraud by changing tickets, simplified, partially or fully automated payment process, among many others. The opportunities to embed ANPR technology into car park management systems for each of these applications provides visitors with a secure and efficient service whilst providing operators with the best return on their investment through increased charge enforcement.

There are many systems currently used by car park management services throughout the world and with such a diverse market, MAV and its partner network are able to provide the flexibility and bespoke capabilities that supports solutions for integrated or new systems. This means that the range of opportunities for increased revenue generation is open to car park facilities across the globe.

Car Park Management