With many car parks now removing access control measures, systems to facilitate free-flow parking are becoming more sophisticated and utilise the most innovative and efficient technology on the market. With accuracy, quality and performance of paramount importance to the success of these systems, ANPR cameras have to meet the varying requirements that each project identifies whilst meeting the highest possible standards.

These standards are necessary to ensure that each vehicle is correctly processed when entering and exiting a parking facility, thereby providing a successful parking management system as well as ensuring an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution for all car park users. Such complexity is difficult to accomplish with out-dated technology and has led to the development of intelligent ANPR cameras and specifically MAV’s IQ range which leads the market in supporting car parking systems.

The success of the IQ range has been borne out of partner discussions to identify required features and specialist skills that have ensured the intelligent ANPR cameras are future-proofed. These ANPR cameras allow for multiple parking systems whilst simultaneously providing a depth of meta-data that has not previously been available from which analysis can be conducted to identify potential areas for improved service or revenue generation.

MAV continue to support the varying needs of free-flow parking systems through the provision of world leading ANPR cameras and a first-class partnership service. We are equally proud of our products and personal service that has led to our growing position as a leading technology provider to the parking industry.

Car Park Management