One of the difficulties many parking management systems face for access control is the time delay on entrance and exit of vehicles. The time lags that can be faced reduces efficiency and revenue potential through the potential impatience of visitors. To combat this, the best ANPR cameras are able to accurately capture licence plate details and immediately relay the command to open the access control device on premises. By reducing the waiting time, whilst still identifying accurate information, these access control systems offer an efficient process to all patrons.

It will always be the case that a number of products on the market can do the same job but it is always a matter of how well that job is done. MAV provide a range of intelligent ANPR cameras that lead the market in performance, quality and flexibility when meeting the needs of access control parking management systems. The quality, durability and functionality of these intelligent ANPR cameras offer parking managers the ability to achieve a streamlined service to patrons as well as offering information as to potential improvements that result in further revenue generation or further reductions in cost. As MAV specialise in ANPR cameras, the singular focus on the development of the best products to meet each application’s requirements ensures our parking partners get the best technology to achieve their individual goals.

Access control parking systems require the most effective and efficient technological components to ensure patrons return each time due to the expedited service they always receive. Such service can only be attained when ANPR cameras such as the IQ range are included due to their specific development in line with parking partner requirements. Increasing revenue, reducing costs and developing customer loyalty are just some of the parking management objectives that these ANPR cameras support. They are designed, developed and manufactured for the singular purpose of ensuring mutual success both now and in the future.

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