Understanding ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention through the use of high speed image capture with supporting illumination, detection of characters within the images provided, verification of the character sequences as being those from a vehicle license plate, character recognition to convert image to text; so ending up with a set of metadata that identifies an image containing a vehicle license plate and the associated decoded text of that plate.

ANPR is therefore the underlying technology used to find a vehicle license/number plate and it, in turn, supplies this information to a next stage of computer processing through which the information can be interpreted, stored or matched to create an ANPR based application.

Most members of the public will be aware that ANPR is used by many police forces to track down criminal behaviour and is also seen on many UK Motorways as a method of detecting speeding through average speed calculation. However, ANPR is used in a variety of other ways to support the security and safety of the public as well as supporting efficiencies in the way we interact with transportation and vehicle based infrastructure. Examples of this are the use of ANPR in:

ANPR is a technological tool which is used in providing assistance to the enforcement of the law as well ensuring the continued safety of all road users. ANPR is supporting the safety and security of citizens throughout the world and is evolving to enhance the effective transport flow of people in real time.

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