Journey Time Analysis

With the increasing demands on our city infrastructure, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are seen as a way to manage transport resources more effectively.

MAV’s Intelligent ANPR technology is becoming increasingly important in offering key capabilities to enhance the performance of Journey Time Analysis and Management systems.

With the IQ and IQX range of intelligent ANPR cameras now available, partners are able to use of the advanced functionality and performance across the ranges to develop market leading solutions to meet a wide range of project requirements. Whilst many ANPR cameras are limited in the support they can provide to Journey Time Analysis or Management systems, the IQ and IQX ANPR ranges have been developed to exceed all expectations due to a range of partner-centric benefits:

High accuracy capture rate, with multilane performance

Multiple communication protocols available, Json, UMTC and FTP

IP68 environmentally robust configuration

Extended data information available for each capture

Easily deployed and set up using truEZoom™ technology

Single camera for all situations

Split data options to compliment parallel systems

Remote management of the camera environment with Integrated OCR and configuration parameters to meet your needs

Internal modem available
in IQ:XR models

Dual processor available
in IQ:XP models

Low power consumption

Such benefits have been designed in line with our traffic management partners to ensure both current and future needs are met. The research and development consistently undertaken by MAV is used to develop enhanced ANPR technology enabling its use as the hub for all traffic analysis and management systems.

Supporting a wide range of sectors for many years

MAV have been supporting a wide range of sectors for many years and are able to meet the needs of varying solutions through the provision of bespoke products. Being able to seamlessly fit into existing systems or provide a full solution from the start, has led to a provision of ANPR technology across multiple sectors throughout the world.

Smart Cities
Car Parking Management
Police & Security
Civil Enforcement

Smart cities are not just our future but a very much the present. As such, MAV support governments throughout the world with the provision of superior Intelligent ANPR cameras that are re-defining traffic management. The concept of smart cities is to provide real-time information to transport departments and commuters which enables the reduction of traffic delays and reduces risks to the thousands of commuters on the roads and other forms of transport every day. ANPR cameras are integral to the success of these traffic management systems and, as with everything, the highest quality camera is needed to provide the highest quality results. This is why MAV’s range of Intelligent ANPR Cameras have been chosen over the leading competitors in many countries; quality counts for everything.

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Efficient Parking Management relies upon the seamless integration of superior ANPR technology to ensure the highest performance, accuracy and functionality. The IQ and IQX high specification intelligent ANPR camera ranges provide all parking management users with these benefits as standard but offer further flexibility, reliability and productivity through the combination of specialist experience, quality control and continual product evaluation and advancement.

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MAV systems have been supporting Police Forces worldwide in the use of ANPR technology for more than 15 years. Such longevity has only been possible because of our unique understanding of Police requirements as well as the delivery of superior ANPR cameras that offer excellence in quality, performance, functionality, accuracy and flexibility.

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Government authorities have the responsibility to enforce measures that protect drivers, pedestrians and support efficient transport networks. As part of these responsibilities they require ANPR technological support in identifying drivers that jeopardise safety and cause obstructions to transport pathways. These enforcement measures have been specifically identified for Bus Lane infringements, Red Light violations and Box Junction infringements.

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