Intelligent ANPR series IQX
July 15, 2024

Quality should never be compromised, ANPR cameras should offer superior performance no matter the lighting conditions. As such, let me introduce the IQ:350X range with high quality zero light performance.

ANPR camera development is a specialist function that requires expertise gained over may years. Such development practices result in the ability to identify vehicle plates in zero light as shown in the image below.


The problem that many ANPR designers face is that they either cannot develop ANPR and overview cameras (Dual) and therefore can only offer single lens products, or, the quality of the overview image does not meet the heightening expectations of ANPR partners. MAV’s development team have worked within the ANPR technology market for more than 30 years and, as such, are able to offer zero light plate identification as well as high quality overview images (image 2) which offers further clarity in data capture for evidential processes or analysis.

Enhanced ANPR Camera

Compromise is not something MAV Systems accept when developing leading edge ANPR technology. As such, the new IQ:350X, XR and XP range of intelligent ANPR cameras offers greater overview image clarity in zero light conditions without compromising the efficient processing of ANPR plate captures. Using our latest generation of camera modules with enhanced sensor technology, overview image quality is greatly improved without the need for periphery devices or ambient light. Providing high level performance, across the full spectrum of vehicle capture, now provides partners with effective solutions in all environments without the need for add-on technology.

Add to this the improved functionality of the full IQX range and MAV are able to provide partners with featured-rich, high quality ANPR technology that allows for easy integration and superior system performance.