Compact ANPR IQX cameras
May 20, 2024

As part of MAV’s continual progression plans and in line with out partners ANPR requirements, we have now expanded our IQX range of cameras to includes the compact IQ:130X, IQ:130XV and IQ:230X


The IQ:130XV is a vertical compact ANPR camera that provides greater flexibility for solutions that offer limited scope for set-up. Designed for use in bollards and other environmentally restrictive system designs, the 130XV offers the consistent quality, accuracy and performance of the full IQX range as well as providing on-board processing with storage of up to 1,000,000 licence plate reads. The inclusion of truEZoom™ and maxIRange™ technology offers true day/night ANPR coverage as well offering full zoom control for a perfect Field of View.

Opportunities for use within covert ANPR solutions are also enhanced due to the wide-ranging functionality within its compact housing. Alongside the additional models within the IQX compact ANPR range, all system set-up requirements can now be met even when facing the barriers of challenging environments without compromising functionality or performance.

Created to meet the varying requirements across multiple sectors including parking, civil enforcement, ITS and law enforcement, the IQ:130XV provides efficient ANPR coverage with increased capture resolution. The IQ:130XV, alongside the full IQX range, includes JSON web services which provides full access to overview and plate patch images as well as detailed metadata whilst offering simple integration into applications using open interface for further system development.

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The IQ:230X extends the IQX compact ANPR range to provide 2 lane coverage with greater Field of View as well as offering leading performance and accuracy that underpins the entire MAV range of ANPR cameras.

Including an enhanced ANPR camera module, synchronized to our upgraded infrared (IR) pulsed LEDs, the IQ:230X provides superior recognition in all weather and lighting conditions. These capture upgrades are further supported by full HD images and internal plate processing for an all-in-one solution within a compact housing. The flexibility and functionality of the IQ:230X offers extensive metadata and plate patch images alongside multiple communication channels for data transfer. On-board processing and data collation result in an expedited process for almost real time data analysis.

Further upgrades throughout the design and development of the IQ:230X provide further options for dual read colour and IR, overview image cropping, advanced de-skew and yaw correction, character spacing validation and country of origin matching. With dynamic recognition of direction of travel , internal plate storage and zero light recognition enhancements, the IQ:230X offers a range of solutions across a wide range of applications and sectors.

The IQ:230X has been designed to offer greater flexibility through the use of compact housing whilst including the benefits offered by the full IQX range.

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