June 12, 2024

The IQX range of intelligent ANPR cameras offer the next generation of ANPR technology to meet the changing need of our worldwide partners.

At MAV, our partners provide the framework from which we plan the next steps in the development of our constantly evolving ANPR technology. Their varying and often unique requirements are the driving force behind the need to innovate and pioneer new features to offer greater, more effective performance. It was from this ambition that the product roadmap was re-routed and culminated in the development of the new IQX range of ANPR cameras with enhanced intelligence. This roadmap now offers partners direct access to their key markets through module integration and on-camera system development opportunities.

The IQX range is a collaboration of features designed to support our partners across a diverse range of sectors and countries:

IQ:XP – The IQ:XP series provides a multitude of opportunities through the inclusion of dual processing power. The open platform of the XP intelligent ANPR series provides partners with the flexibility to integrate their own application software alongside the protected core IQ ALPR capabilities to meet unique system objectives. A suite of MAV application building blocks are also available to accelerate developments such as infringement plate validation and dual plate processing. The IQ:XP ANPR cameras also offer optional enhanced encryption to bolster data security and protect mass storage onboard with optional tamper protection.

IQ:XR – The IQ:XR series offers an all in one capture and communication solution to simplify the efficient transfer of data to multiple system/back-office end points in line with project requirements. Whereas the IQ ANPR cameras require a secondary external communication set-up to complete the transfer of data, the XR series provides GPS, WiFi and 4G all within a single housing. This all-in-one communication solution allows for simplified installation, more efficient set-up and quicker deployment. Adding embedded communications to the proven performance standards of MAV’s Intelligent ANPR camera range ensures our partners benefit from lower cost deployment options.

IQ:X – The IQ:X series has evolved to offer the latest generation of camera modules, taking advantage of sensors that offer improved low light performance alongside the continued quality and accuracy of our previous models. The addition of our new entry level IQ:130X camera also provides our partners with the superior performance of our IQ range in a smaller and more dynamic housing. This offers further opportunities for covert solutions and dual front plate confirmation with multiple camera set-up. The continuing evolution of our intelligent ANPR cameras ensures we are able to meet the changing needs of our partners with the delivery of enhanced intelligent ANPR technology.

As the needs of our partners become more complex, the solution becomes clearer, provide a depth of functionality coupled with flexibility that allows them to determine how to optimize their systems themselves. The IQX range now adds further opportunities for efficient system development alongside an already diverse portfolio of high performance, easy integration ANPR technology.

The addition of optional edge-based technology modules within the IQX range also offers a new layer of flexibility that allows our partners to add value without any impact on the proven IQ ANPR core.  We have already seen this create more cost-effective enforcement solutions and expect applications to grow as more partners adopt this low risk, high return approach.

This evolving technology offer ours partners additional confidence in consistently meeting their system objectives through the advancement of performance and accuracy alongside the world-renowned quality. The range of IQX ANPR cameras include products to meet stand-alone system needs as well as complex multi-functional requirements. It is through this product depth offered by MAV that we have developed successful partnerships in more than 50 countries across multiple markets.

The development of this flagship range of ANPR cameras is the result of our continuing investment into research and development with the ambition of meeting our immediate partner requirements whilst offering further capabilities and system options. We continue to push technology to the edge, offering global benefits to system integrators and partners across multiple applications and sectors. In this way, MAV have found a way to offer unique solutions on a truly international scale.