IQX ANPR cameras
July 15, 2024

Lockdown has been a challenging time for us all and we all find ourselves in very different positions to where we were or planned to be. Some have been fortunate, like us, in that lockdown has provided us with some time to develop and innovate and offer our partners improvements. We have improved our website to enable better navigation, more information and access to more support. We have changed our brand to reflect an evolution in our business but also in the products we offer, namely the IQX range.

The IQX range of intelligent ANPR cameras has been built on the foundation of the market leading IQ range, carrying forward the quality and performance but heightening the results our partners receive. The IQX range is formed of the IQ:X, IQ:XR and IQ:XP intelligent ANPR cameras and includes a wide range of features and functionality that offer our partners the opportunities and the tools to achieve more. Moreover, this new range compliments our other ANPR cameras, providing further benefits to meet unique project and solution objectives with all-in-one intelligent ANPR cameras. These capabilities include:

  • Extensive FOV and range capture
  • Efficient set-up and deployment using truEZoom®
  • JSON, FTP, UTMC 1.2 and web services communication options
  • Split data options to compliment parallel systems
  • High performance, accuracy and quality
  • Compact ANPR options
  • Internal storage of over 1,000,000 reads
  • Simple integration with existing systems and periphery device inclusion
  • Optional internal modem with 4G, GPS and Wifi
  • Optional co-processing for vehicle classification
  • Bi-directional coverage
  • Entry level to superior specification models
  • Increased data transfer encryption
  • IP68 environmentally robust configuration
  • Low power consumption

This extensive new range of intelligent ANPR cameras is the result of our continuing investment into research and development as well as all our team members. Using their combined expertise and experience they have been able to develop clear advancements in ANPR technology that benefits our partners across a wide range of sectors across the world.