Intelligent ANPR series IQX
June 12, 2024

MAV Systems Ltd

The range of IQX ANPR cameras include products to meet stand-alone system needs as well complex multi-functional requirements.

MAV Systems have now launched their new IQX range of intelligent ANPR cameras which further enhances their worldwide reputation for high performance ANPR technology. Innovation is a cornerstone of MAV’s development programme and allows them to pioneer high quality, flexible ANPR solutions. The IQX range meets a wide-range of system and international requirements that cannot be achieved through standard technology.

The IQX ANPR range includes market leading functionality and offers an expanded range of features to meet the evolving needs of users across markets and countries. These options include:

  • Dual processing capacity
  • Open platform for seamless integration
  • 4G, WiFi and GPS
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Improved low light performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Infringement plate validation

‘The addition of optional edge-based technology modules within the IQX range builds a new layer of flexibility that allows our partners to add value without any impact on the proven IQ ANPR core. We have already seen this create more cost-effective enforcement solutions and expect applications to grow as more partners adopt this low risk, high return approach.’ Steve Walker, Managing Director, MAV Systems Ltd

The new IQX ANPR camera range offers technology partners additional confidence in consistently meeting their system objectives through the advancement of performance and accuracy alongside the world-renowned quality. The range of IQX ANPR cameras include products to meet stand-alone system needs as well complex multi-functional requirements. It is through this product depth offered by MAV that they have developed successful partnerships in more than 45 countries across multiple markets.

Peter Henden, Technical Director at MAV added: “As the needs of our partners get more complex, the solution becomes clearer, provide a depth of functionality coupled with flexibility that allows them to determine how to optimize their systems themselves. The IQX range now adds further opportunities for efficient system development alongside an already diverse portfolio of high performance, easy integration ANPR technology.”

MAV Systems continue to push their technology to the edge, offering global benefits to system integrators and partners across multiple applications and sectors. In this way, MAV have found a way to offer unique solutions on an international scale.