July 15, 2024

MAV Systems Ltd worked with the Channel 4 Series of Hunted through the provision of ANPR cameras to enable the tracking of vehicles used by contestants and their key contacts. The use of our ANPR cameras supported the Hunters in identifying movements and patterns as well as enabling real-time interceptions with mobile detection. The successful use of our ANPR cameras was evident in the series for celebrities as well as the episodes featuring contestants from across mainland UK vying to win a share of the £100,000 prize for evading capture. (Currently running on Channel 4).

Whilst this show is for entertainment purposes, the use of our ANPR cameras provides an example of how thousands of law enforcement officers across the world use ANPR technology to support the apprehension of criminals and terrorists. Tools, such as ANPR technology, offer further support to Police and Military personnel who are given the job of ensuring our safety and can often be pivotal in solving or preventing criminal activity as well as plans of terrorist action.

MAV are proud to have been able to work with ‘Hunted’ as well as many Police and Military departments throughout the world.

The IQ Intelligent ANPR Camera range