July 15, 2024

An innovative dual camera system which can spot both road workers speeding through construction sites and road users who illegally drive through cones has been hailed a potential life saver.

This winning system, the first of its kind, is housed in one vehicle, and is currently being extensively tested across motorways and main A roads managed by Highways England. It is one of the winners at the prestigious Highways England Health, Safety, and Wellbeing awards.

The awards, open to Highways England and its supply chain, attracted 115 entries across six categories. The nine winning entries announced ranged from initiatives to improve the mental health and wellbeing of staff to improving the safe loading of lorries.

In the first trials, in the West Midlands, a 50 per cent month-on-month reduction was recorded in road workers driving 10mph above the signed limit through sites. And in Essex the number of roadworks incursions reduced by more than 80%.

The camera system – developed by Carnell Support Services and Kier Highways – was one of two winners in the Health & Safety Innovation category at Highways England’s inaugural Health, Safety and Wellbeing awards ceremony.

Jim O’Sullivan, Chief Executive of Highways England said:

It’s well known that safety is our first imperative and I am delighted that these awards highlight that. The camera system, for example, will ultimately save lives. This project and the other winners show how innovative ways of thinking will make things safer for those working on and using our strategic road network and these awards also highlight the mental health and wellbeing of staff is as important as feeling safe in the workplace. I look forward to seeing more achievements in years to come.

In addition (to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards) there was a special overall Chairman’s Award. This is a discretionary award chosen from the winners of all the categories in the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards. The Chairman’s Award was awarded to Clancy Group, for their Work Related Safety Programme.

Highways England chairman Colin Matthews said:

I am delighted that colleagues in Highways England and partner organisations are finding ways to reduce injuries on our roads. Congratulations to Clancy Group whose success in making the roads safer for their drivers can be widely replicated by others.