July 15, 2024

MAV have supported their partners in the US in developing a system to support the identification of stolen cars whilst they have chosen a unique way of keeping the local aesthetics intact.


Paradise Valley authorities have taken a step to increase the security and safety of its citizens by implementing ALPR systems throughout their road network. These systems will provide local Police with details of stolen cars that are captured by the ALPR camera and will also allow for further investigation of criminal activities should they take place in the local area.

MAV ALPR camera technology has been chosen to support Police forces throughout the world. In this case authorities did not want to destroy the aesthetics of the landscape by erecting a number of camera poles so a choice was made to embed the cameras into cacti shells. These cacti are placed next to the road to provide technological support and once all of the cameras are in place, citizens are to be notified of the systems going live in readiness for supporting their local Police force.

MAV support the innovative needs of partners throughout the world and ensure that our cameras have the capabilities to meet the specific requirements of each system and in line with desired applications. The durability of MAV’s cameras ensures they can be used in a wide range of scenarios such as the design in Paradise Valley.

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