ANPR Partners
June 12, 2024

I have had mixed experiences when dealing with customer service personnel. Some seem to think they will get an award for getting me off the phone as quickly as possible (and maybe they do) and others will quite happily ignore everything I say and try and sell me something I neither want nor called about. On the rare occasion I get someone who both cares and wants to help, it rekindles my faith in people but this should be the expected not the surprise.

At MAV we have a very different approach, if we don’t sell what you need, we will tell you where you can find it and wish you well. We will not attempt to make a square peg fit a round hole, if an ANPR camera is not the right thing to have, it will not be what we offer. If we do think we can meet your specific needs, we will discuss your unique requirements and the intended objectives to make sure we offer the best solution. On many occasions we have designed bespoke solutions to meet customer specifications because we know that one size does not fit all no matter what we are told by supply led organisations.

When a successful partnership is developed with needs identified and met this is by no means the end. Full product life support is our standard service meaning you can call us the day after you buy a product or in a year’s time, we will always be happy to help. We get to know our partners, providing updates and information in advance of requests to ensure efficiency of service. As a demand led business we are fluid in our provision of ANPR cameras, pro-active in development and reactive to needs. Whilst we know we are very much in the minority in our approach to customer service we don’t think that makes any difference. Our partners are as important on day 1000 as on day 1, the only difference being the strength of partnership developed.

Customer service is the silver bullet, at MAV we work hard to ensure your targets are consistently hit, providing a full support package for all partners who may be used to hearing all the noise without any action from others. It seems that many are firing blanks.

Find out more about how we support our partners in our About Us page