June 12, 2024

The Highways Agency has confirmed the Dart Charge payment system will launch on 30 November for the Dartford – Thurrock River Crossing. The last cash payments at the crossing will be taken at 10pm on Saturday 29 November.

The charge to use the crossing will become electronis from Sunday 30 November and the crossing will remain free from 10pm-6am and the HA said the Local Residents’ Discount Scheme will remain in place.The website where drivers can set-up their pre-pay account was also launched, and the HA has said it will contact existing Dart-Tag customers to explain how to transfer their accounts.

The Dart Charge system will use automatic number plate recognition technology (APNR) to pick up vehicle numbers plates and then administer a charge to that vehicle.Motorists can pay the Dart Charge from a pre-paid online account linked to their car’s number plate, or they can pay online, by phone, text or a Payzone shop after they have driven through the crossing.

The current 27-lane ‘payment plaza’ will be replaced by four lanes in each direction, while the approach to the tunnel will have extra lanes to identity and turn away prohibited vehicles from the tunnels. This will provide further security and allow police to identify cars involved in criminal activity thereby making the roads and surrounding areas a safer place.

“Dart Charge will help speed up journeys so it’s great news for the tens of thousands of drivers who use the Crossing every day and for the economy,” said Nigel Gray, HA project manager.

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Source: Businesscar