July 15, 2024

CAMERAS used in a trial on two of Hull’s busiest roads caught over 10,000 motorists using bus lanes illegally in just two weeks.

In the trial in June, two automatic number-plate recognition cameras filmed 9,762 drivers in the bus lane on Anlaby Road. Another 532 motorists were caught on Beverley Road.

In the report which is being discussed on Wednesday, Councillor Mancey said the trial confirmed the extent of abuse, and enforcement should help bus operators improve services to time, encouraging more people onto public transport, as well reducing congestion where buses are having to hold up traffic and road collisions due to illegal usage of bus lanes.

But he said cameras, which are already in other major cities – and could go up in different sites round Hull, had to be clearly signed and publicised to ensure motorists were aware of the cameras and subsequent penalties in place.

Councillor Martin Mancey said “I am confident many law-abiding motorists will welcome measures to reduce the abuse carried out by that minority of selfish motorists who currently drive in bus lanes during the periods of operation.”

ANPR cameras are used as a tool to support the efficiency of public transport and expedient transport for all commuters. The majority of road users are currently being penalised by the actions of the minority but with cameras in place throughout Yorkshire, that scale is tipping toward the law abiding motorist.

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Source information – Yorkshire Post