May 20, 2024

A CRACKDOWN on wanted criminals saw 43 rounded up in Bolton in just one week.

Police were assisted by special tactical units throughout last week in a concerted push to make arrests. Suspects were arrested on suspicion of sexual assault, domestic abuse, threats to kill, harassment, theft, burglary, dangerous driving and the possession of indecent images. The force-wide Operation Olympus saw 362 suspects arrested throughout Greater Manchester.

Two men, aged 33 and 41, were caught in Bolton on Thursday by officers executing European arrest warrants.Greater Manchester Police committed 150 specialist officers to support the Bolton division, with tactical aid, intercept teams, mounted units and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) all involved.

Supt Craig Thompson, operation lead, said: “This operation is all about targeting those criminals who cause the most harm to innocent members of the community. “The safety of our residents is paramount and during this week of action, there will be nowhere to hide for those who think that criminality is acceptable. “We have used every resource available to find these criminals and bring them to justice for their crimes.”

On Thursday, June 25, officers in Bolton arrested a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of assault, a 66-year-old man in connection with shoplifting and a 41-year-old man for breaching a restraining order. They were joined by two men, aged 37 and 81, arrested following a search for indecent images, an 18-year-old man suspected of sexual assault and a 31-year-old arrested on suspicion of driving while disqualified.

Several police targets were caught for skipping court or failing to abide by court orders.

Operation Olympus was launched in February, when 250 officers were used on 11 days of action in each of Greater Manchester’s boroughs.

Supt Thompson said: “Operation Olympus sends a clear message to criminals that there will be no hiding place for them and that the safety of our community comes first and will always be our priority. “We leave no stone unturned and use all of our disruption tactics to make life difficult for them.


Source: The Bolton News