Whilst ANPR cameras perform a number of essential jobs within transport systems, the main objective for their application is to support the safety of all drivers. One of the biggest threats to that safety are those drivers that commit red light violations at junctions throughout the world.

It seems every day that the world is getting faster paced. The need to be quicker and do more is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in our working lives. With that comes an impatience and a need to gain any time saving advantage whenever travelling on the congested roads. This has led to more and more drivers trying to beat red lights or taking a chance that they can beat the on- coming traffic. On many of these occasions drivers are wrong and it ends in accidents that vary in severity but sometimes lead to fatalities. This is why red light systems have been developed to dissuade drivers from these attempts as well as identify those drivers that put the safety of others in jeopardy.

With MAV’s range of intelligent ANPR cameras, our partners are able to develop a system that efficiently identifies offenders and allows for immediate action to be taken. Due to the importance of these measures; the highest standards of reliability, quality and performance is essential to their success. MAV’s ANPR cameras have been built with these attributes at their core to ensure they constantly and consistently support the safety of road users.