With over 1.3 billion vehicles on the world’s roads, traffic congestion is something that we all face at increasingly regular intervals. Now, more than ever, this requires the planning and organisation of road networks to be a priority in supporting more efficient travel.

Within these plans a number of measures are taken to ensure routes are not unnecessarily disrupted. These often include yellow box junctions which identify areas that vehicles must not cover but are often ignored. The use of ANPR cameras to identify offenders provides a deterrence from committing any offence thereby ensuring no further disruptions are endured. ANPR cameras are also used to notify drivers as to their offence to reduce the number of re-offenders.

Using ANPR cameras within these transport systems provides an efficient process for further reducing congestion. Whilst traffic is increasingly heavy due to the sheer number of vehicles on our roads, leading technology is playing a pivotal role in supporting any measures available to mitigate congestion.  MAV’s ANPR cameras are increasingly being chosen for transport systems due to their superior performance, quality and functionality. Add to this the durability and flexibility for varying transport applications that the ANPR camera range offers and it becomes apparent why MAV are growing across the industry, becoming a key asset to all ANPR based transport systems.