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The worth of a successful business is built upon the strength of their strategic partnerships.

For any partnership to work in the long-term all the parties need to achieve together by specialising in and supplying their key skills and value added services into the final end-user solution in harmony.

The key aspects we offer to our partners are:

  • Supply of a core range of high quality, off-the-shelf, ANPR cameras;
  • Not to compete with our partners in the supply of total solutions to their end-users by operating ethically and openly;
  • Customised in-house development of innovative and bespoke products to meet specific project or market requirements;
  • Product training, selection and system configuration expertise based on decades of hands-on engineering excellence

Through constructive collaboration as a trusted partner and with the shared objective of mutual success, MAV have supported the growth of our customers’ business throughout the world.


Innovation underpins successful collaboration and, as such, MAV are constantly looking ahead to continue the supply of industry leading ANPR cameras that complement our partner’s software and services.

Chosen Partner

MAV are the chosen partner of independent ANPR software and service vendors because of our ability to listen to what is needed and provide the products upon which they can build effective solutions that meet those demands.

We work with our partners to meet the requirements of their customers, which normally benefits from tight integration of our partner’s software with our hardware for a compelling total solution complimented by consistently excellent customer service.

Global Appeal
Having worked through partners across the world including the UK, North America, Australia, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa, there are very few regions of the world remaining that do not benefit from the industry leading technology that is found in MAV’s core Rapier ANPR camera range.

This website is a shared resource for current and prospective partners. It provides details of the best in class ANPR cameras that are available to meet your varying needs, news on industry and product developments as well as plethora of information on how your requirements can be individually met.

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Partner Resources

Specific resources are made available to all of our partners through our Partner Centre which is only accessible using a unique username and password. Much of this site has been designed around the requests of our partners who want a vendor that can proactively meet the challenges they face and become a centre for knowledge, technical experience and ANPR related resources. As such we have developed a site that is ready to meet your varying needs as well as providing a range of communication channels for you to Contact Us to discuss your unique requests.

You, the partner, are at the centre of everything that MAV do. From design to delivery and after-sales services, we strive to meet the evolving needs of our partners before they are even aware of them.

To find out more about becoming a partner of MAV Systems Ltd contact us on +44 1344 859753 or email:

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