Environmental Policy


MAV Systems Ltd (MAV) aim to minimise any business activity which may have an adverse effect on the environment.

When applicable, MAV’s contractors and agents shall be required to comply with all relevant legislation and codes of practice relating to environmental issues.


The main type of waste produced by MAV is waste paper and packaging and, where possible, will undertake to isolate and dispose of recyclable materials so that they can be recycled by the appropriate company/council service.

MAV promotes the use of recycled materials and the use of environmentally safe products.

Where practicable, all staff shall co-operate with suppliers’ recycling initiatives.

Energy Efficiency

The office lighting and heat/cooling at MAV offices shall be set for maximum efficiency that also maintains best working conditions and comfort levels for staff.  The maintenance of any hot water systems, boilers and air conditioning units shall be scheduled to maximise their energy efficiency by specialist and competent contractors. All appliances bought by the Company shall have A rating unless dispensation is agreed by the Managing Director.

Hazardous Waste

The Hazardous Waste Regulations requires that MAV disposes of all hazardous waste on site in the correct manner and staff will be trained to identify such materials and arrange appropriate disposal.

Steve Walker

Managing Director

Updated and reissued 20th July 2021

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