Who Are We?

MAV have a great team of people working for us. We operate as a tightly integrated team where everyone will do their utmost to help our customers get what they want. We have an open working relationship and encourage everyone to contribute and question all aspects of what we do – that makes for a dynamic and interesting workplace.

The company is headed by the Senior Management Team who have a short bio and interview below:

Steve Walker – Managing Director and Co-Founder

Steve is a proven leader of technology businesses who balances the essential commercial aspects of running a successful company alongside a drive to solve real-world problems through innovative product development. Steve started as a graduate engineer and was mentored in his sales, operational and business strategy skills over his first 10 years after which he was appointed to his first role as MD. Steve counts himself lucky to have been able to recruit and work with truly talented people throughout his career. He thrives on working closely with co-workers and customers to build mutual respect and from that position drives projects and products through to delivery with an eye for detail.

Q: “How long have you been in the ANPR sector and is it really still interesting to you?”

A: “We designed some of the first mobile ANPR systems for volume supply to UK police from around 2001 and have been involved in one aspect or another of ANPR delivery ever since. I was lucky to be involved in much of the early adoption and growth of ANPR systems in the UK and have seen at first hand what works well – and also what should not be repeated. That experience has been invaluable in Peter and I setting up MAV Systems and our ability to advise customers with a grounding of hands-on knowledge. The exciting thing for us is that ANPR technology is still progressing, probably faster than ever, as new high definition products and lower cost, higher performance processing are able to achieve so much more for our customers. The next 3-4 years are going to see a step-change in adoption of ANPR worldwide and we are right at the heart of it – its a great place to be and every day has some new product integration opportunities, markets or territories that we can expand into.”

Q: “What aspect of your work makes you most satisfied?”

A: “When we supply equipment that people had only dreamed would be possible. Being such a responsive company means that we are always right at the front of the pack and get great client feedback – everyone likes to get that from their work.”

Peter Henden – Technical Director and Co-Founder

Peter is a natural engineer and has designed and delivered complex electronic systems all his working life. Working for large companies he produced secure communications for the government and deployed them worldwide in a cold war era.  Peter has run his own businesses to great acclaim and was one of the first people to master the camera and illuminator technology that today is taken for granted in ANPR. Peter, however, is always taking that fundamental building block of good ANPR systems to new levels and, in MAV, has been able to evolve those designs into world-leading products. Peter heads up the PCB design, firmware development and production and is always investigating and researching into new technologies that improve or open new markets. As a respected authority on ANPR and camera technology, Peter has contributed time to the steering committees of industry and European bodies.

Q: “What drives you?”

A: “Being the best. I need to know that in 2 years time we’ll still be 2 years ahead of the competition. That keeps you looking forwards and never resting on what you’ve just delivered. Once you stop innovating you’re dead.”

Q: “What exciting new products can we expect to come from MAV?”

A: “2014 has been a great year for us to invest in new products that will be launched soon.  I think that our new intelligent camera platform in the Rapier IQ range will establish MAV as the best open-platform ANPR supplier.  The IQ range will have a number of features that will mean our partners can add even more value to their systems when they use our cameras.  It really will be a exciting time when we launch.”

Paul Scofield – Director of Sales

Paul encompasses all that good technology sales people should aspire to be. Paul knows that the best relationships are those that persist for years and so will always work with customers to ensure that what he and his team propose is the right solution. By involvement from product concept through to demonstrating the equipment we make, Paul has a depth of ANPR knowledge and skills that convey the confidence that our customers rely upon. Practical and trustworthy, Paul encompasses the ethics of MAV to ensure that we honour our obligations to all our customers, never betray a confidence but still provide insightful advice. Paul has travelled the world in selling and supporting our customers and is building a Sales and Marketing team from our Sutton Coldfield offices.

Q: “Where do you think you will be selling in 2015?”

A: “We are seeing more and more enquiries and sales happening in Middle East, Africa and Asia where the license plate designs are more challenging. By our sales visits and trials in these regions, we are well ahead in the design of systems that deal with the factors that are found there. I think there will be a massive expansion as these technologies are launched into these regions.”

Q: “What was your most memorable sale for MAV?”

A: “Often it is the smaller projects that stick out where we can make a difference over standard competitor products. Our most remote sale was probably selling ANPR cameras into Mongolia for use on vehicles where they needed to withstand -40°C and +50°C which was provided using Rapier 30s.”

Our in-house design and manufacturing capability ensures full control over delivery lead times that allows us to be responsive to your particular needs.


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