The Company

MAV Systems Ltd is an independent business that has always had a philosophy of maintaining a tight core of engineering, sales and support excellence whilst outsourcing as many of the overheads of the business as possible. Fundamental to this was the decision, from inception, to sell via a partner model where MAV would seek to achieve camera sales through building strong partnerships with system integration, software and deployment businesses around the world. In many cases, MAV has become the external camera R&D resource for our customers – one that many could not have afforded in their own right – at no direct cost. The fact that MAV never compete with our customers at the total solution / end user level is a massive attraction to our client base.

MAV become fully independent in 2012 and has not looked back since. The company has been able to grow substantially in turnover and volume of products shipped. This growth has been matched with investment in a team of talented development engineers, sales and marketing and logistics staff who continue to fuel the development and production capabilities.

MAV are committed to ongoing and continuous product enhancement and introduction of new, innovative, products through a non-stop R&D activity to match and anticipate the needs of our customers.

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