At MAV we pride ourselves on providing first class customer service not only during the enquiry stage but for the life of the product purchased. Many businesses believe excellent customer service is going the extra mile but we feel it should be expected as part of the standard provision. Excellent customer service is what drives loyalty and opens the door for successful partnerships because without constant communication and continual support most relationships break down and become a source of frustration.

It is through the standardised excellence of our customer service that has led to partnerships that have lasted more than 10 years and with a growing list of businesses wanting to work with us we are confident that our way of working is the best way.

Excellent customer service and the provision of outstanding support has been referred to as the silver bullet when it comes to gaining the loyalty of customers, we call it standard practice.

Within this website you will find support in varying forms. There are datasheets for each of our products available for download as well as a range of documentation available in resources and even more for our partners in the partner area. You can get in touch with us via email, call +44 333 800 3050 or fill in our enquiry form with any questions you may have whether it be as a new customer or one of our existing partners. Our systems are set up to ensure we are constantly notified of support requests whatever the time or day and we always respond within 24 hours of receipt.


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Our in-house design and manufacturing capability ensures full control over delivery lead times that allows us to be responsive to your particular needs.


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