Congratulations to Mr Tiago Fonseca who was the first to correctly identify the camera as the new Sabre 12 surveillance camera. Mr Fonseca is a software developer from Vision Box and is delighted he managed to beat everyone to the answer. He has chosen Fundação Benfica as his charity and they will soon be receiving the £100 donation. The Foundation develops integrated projects emphasizing early intervention on exclusion factors. In these areas, the Foundation has the primary concern of preventing delinquency and promoting educational success of children and youngsters as crucial factors of social mobility. To find out more visit their website. MAV are delighted to support the charity in its objective to help children navigate the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

Here is the camera behind the boxes:



To find out more about the Sabre 12 and the range of video and surveillance features available read our specification page.

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Look through the datasheets you may find a similar shaped camera