Around the world cities produce 80% of CO2 emissions. The significant pollution that is caused from a high proportion of vehicles in small areas leads to an estimated 348,000 premature deaths every year in Europe. This is the reason behind the Low Emission Zones initiative.

There are a number of factors that affect the level of pollution identified in our cities:

  • The number of vehicles within a given space
  • The level of emissions each vehicle produces
  • The amount of time vehicles are stationary in a given space
  • The amount of space for emission dispersal
  • How well each vehicle is looked after

These are just a few examples as to the level of analysis that is required to identify not only the causes of high pollution and affected areas but also potential solutions to reducing these levels. Being able to identify information regarding the number of vehicles, emission levels per vehicle type, age of vehicle, traffic congestion at given times and days, provides invaluable raw data from which guidelines and plans can be drawn to support the reduction of emissions. This information and more is provided by the use of innovative technology including intelligent ANPR cameras.

Leading ANPR cameras like the MAV IQ range are increasingly being used to gather information regarding vehicle types and driving behaviours which allows for guidelines to be drawn around the most heavily affected areas. This is where the designation for Low Emission Zones appear and how they can be monitored to ensure drivers adhere to the guidelines as well as track the changes in pollution levels. These can then be cross referenced with earlier figures to identify levels of change as well as further measures to support continuing success.

ANPR cameras play a pivotal role in the identification of affected areas as well as monitoring guidelines and changes with LEZ’s. Much like the IQ range, these ANPR cameras need the intelligence and sophistication to support such objectives due to the demand for more than just data capture but further analytical measures. MAV have been able to support a  number of such projects through the provision of leading intelligent ANPR cameras that provide the functionality, performance and accuracy that is paramount for success.