With the increasing demands on our city infrastructure, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are seen as a way to manage transport resources more effectively. MAV’s Intelligent ANPR technology is becoming increasingly important and can provide significantly more information than simple traffic counters. Journey Time Analysis (JTA) can give you an insight into your city’s demands and allow you to make informed decisions to improve your city as well as supporting growing ITS ANPR projects.

Our partners make use of this functionality and performance and allows them to develop the Journey Time Management (JTM) systems in a wide variety of ANPR projects each requiring efficient deployment, simplistic set-up and superior performance.

The ease of integration and additional information provided with each capture has made MAV’s Intelligent ANPR camera the choice of both public and private Journey Time Analysis partners throughout the world. Whilst many ANPR cameras are limited in the support they can provide to Journey Time Analysis systems, the IQ:250 has been developed to expand beyond UTMC with options of data beyond those of origin and destination. With high levels of accuracy it ensures results are consistent and reliable, enabling more complex data modelling and meeting the needs of Eco-friendly city’s.

What makes the IQ:250 an important inclusion in Traffic Analysis Systems?

• High accuracy capture rate, with multilane performance
• Multiple communication protocols available, Json, UMTC and FTP
• IP68 environmentally robust configuration
• Extended data information available for each capture
• Easily deployed and set up using truEZoom™ technology
• Single camera for all situations
• Option of sending data to 2 independent servers for infrastructure resilience or dual purpose data accessibility
• Remote management of the camera environment with Integrated OCR and configuration parameters to meet your needs