All life can be damaged if measures are not taken to limit the levels of pollution and harmful emissions that are increasingly dispelled as we hurry through our lives. With this in mind, a large number of environmental studies are carried out to identify areas that require immediate, timely or future interventions through the use of environmental impact measures.

These measures vary dependent on the severity of environmental study results so the need for high accuracy is of paramount importance. One of the key aspects of these studies is driven by ANPR through the identification of vehicle emissions data and vehicle behaviour. High congestion areas, cities, towns and major roadways are often chosen as the site for these studies due to the expected levels of emissions. However, this is supported by smaller environmental studies in less cingested areas to identify levels for comparison and best practice.

This issue is one that is getting more and more attention and ANPR is playing a pivotal role in supporting the successful identification of, amongst others:

  • Vehicle types
  • Vehicle Size
  • Engine capacity
  • Emissions
  • Eco credentials

MAV’s range of intelligent ANPR cameras has been used in many environmental studies due to the level of information that the system can provide for further analysis. Such important projects require the best technology and that is why MAV’s Intelligent ANPR cameras are chosen consistently.