With the safety of road users prominent in all new roadway systems, average speed solutions have become increasingly prevalent in ensuring the adherence to speed limits across much of the worlds road networks. Spot-speed radar systems have long been used to support safe driving but, due to limitations of these systems in certain locations, a new requirement has been identified for a more holistic speed system. This has led to the birth of the average speed system which are centred around high specification ANPR cameras such as those provided by MAV Systems.

ANPR average speed systems identify vehicles at the start and completion of a chosen section of road and using calculations of time against distance, an accurate speed can be identified for each vehicle fulfilling the journey. This speed is then compared to the speed limit for the location and drivers who surpass this limit are easily identified through the inclusion of ANPR cameras.

Due to the level of functionality, quality and reliability required for these systems to be effective, the technology included must be able to meet all demands and offer further opportunities for improvement as the evolution of technology continues. As such MAV’s intelligent ANPR cameras, the IQ range, has been chosen over its competitors to sit at the core of a variety of average speed solutions. Due to the necessary performance and confidence levels required for these systems, the choice of the IQ range has led to efficient, reliable and highly accurate systems used throughout the world.