Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology is used to help detect, deter and disrupt criminality at a local, force, regional and national level, including tackling traveling criminals, Organised Crime Groups and terrorists. ANPR provides lines of enquiry and evidence in the investigation of crime and is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

As ANPR cameras are used in both fixed and mobile applications for various Police forces, quality and flexibility are pivotal to the successful support of Police officers. Due to the level of quality required, the Police in England have set standards that all ANPR cameras must adhere to for them to be considered. The National ANPR Standards for Policing (NASP) require high levels of accuracy, quality, performance and durability. MAV have achieved these standards and are proud to have supported many UK Police Forces as well as many more throughout the world.

Product and service standards must be at the highest level when providing technology of such importance to personnel that put their lives at risk each day. This is why MAV and our range of ANPR cameras are designed, developed and manufactured by our own specialist team to the highest of standards. Couple this with dedicated service support and it explains why MAV are trusted to support so many Police forces throughout the world.

Police and Security