It is an unfortunate truth that Terrorism is a very real danger faced by people in every country without exception and we are all seeking ways to ensure the safety and security of those threatened. As such, ANPR cameras form an integral part of Counter-Terrorism activity for both prevention and interception across the world. MAV’s industry leading ANPR cameras are used globally by Governments, Military and Police Forces in the development of cutting edge systems that can indicate the movement of terrorists and identify suspicious patterns and behaviours. With transport of paramount importance to the plans for terrorist activity, the use of ANPR cameras provides real-time information as well as historic analysis that allows for identification and investigation of potential threats prior to any criminal actions being carried out.

The advancement of Technology and, in particular, Intelligent ANPR Cameras like the MAV IQ, has provided valuable support to strengthen the defences of borders, cities, highly populated areas, critical infrastructure as well as other potential targets. Recent terrorist attacks have seen requests for changes to the EU Schengen Agreement to provide further security checks for those crossing borders. This is supported by the use of ANPR cameras which allow for vehicle checks against law enforcement databases to identify potential threats.

Due to the scope of potential terrorist targets, ANPR cameras are deployed in wide variety of locations:

  • Borders
  • Government Buildings
  • Ports
  • City entrance lanes and toll bridges
  • Embassies
  • Military Bases
  • Airports
  • Utilities
  • Inner Cities
  • Arenas and Stadia
  • Transport Hubs

MAV are proud to have developed leading Intelligent ANPR cameras that support Counter-Terrorism Units throughout the world. We continue to dedicate our resources to the further development of our products to ensure we continue to offer the best technology and system integration opportunities to Governments, Military and Police on a global scale. We will always compliment this technology with the best customer service, which we are noted for, and offer support from a highly experienced and specialised team.

Police and Security