Bus Lane Enforcement is an important element of efficient transportation for millions of people throughout the world. Many drivers do not follow given procedures regarding bus lanes which results in an increase in congestion as well as accidents with a number of drivers trying to take short cuts. With the use of MAV ANPR cameras these procedures are better enforced and those that do not follow such guidelines are identified and suitably fined.

The use of ANPR technology to enforce bus lane usage reduces travelling times for buses and allows timetables to be more exactly achieved, allowing millions of commuters the opportunity of arriving at set destinations on time. Those persons who cause an increase in congestion and accidents are readily identifiable and whilst a number of drivers have been found and prosecuted for incorrect bus lane usage, more have been dissuaded from using bus lanes by the further enforcement tool of ANPR cameras. The money generated through fines can be used to improve public transportation and the dissuasion means a more efficient mode of transportation is available to all.