As part of the Smart City provision MAV now offer emission sensors to support the IQ range of Intelligent ANPR cameras. The MAV EQ sensor can detect a range of pollutants and link the recorded levels to traffic counts per location by using MAV’s range of intelligent ANPR cameras. The EQ sensor can monitor the background levels of pollutants and flag up significant changes so that they can be linked to a set of ANPR reads.

For example, an EQ sensor mounted at the stop line of a set of traffic lights can read the levels produced as vehicles pull away from the lights, when their engines are working hard. Each set of readings is time stamped and set to the back office using the IQ camera as a communications hub. Peaks in readings can then be examined alongside the plate reads and image captures from the group of vehicles passing the lights at that time, allowing the possibility to identify the type of vehicle producing the high level of emissions.

This information could then be used in real-time to alter the sequence of traffic lights downstream, or as part of a before and after study to look at the impact of traffic initiatives.

Reasons to choose combined ANPR and Emissions intelligence

  • Combined ANPR reads with real time pollution measurements
  • Provides PM10, PM2.5, NO2, O3, pressure, humidity and temperature levels
  • Increase confidence of data collection using wifi and Bluetooth
  • Full air quality analysis supported through JSON raw data send
  • Multiple communication channels for separated data transfer for individual pollutant studies

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View the EQ Sensor Datasheet