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Rapier 50 HD



The Rapier 50HD ANPR/ALPR camera incorporates high definition GigE camera modules with our innovative InfraRed (IR) pulsed LED designs to provide a formidable ANPR/LPR camera solution for use in fixed site applications with multi-lane coverage and high speed traffic capabilities. The Rapier 50HD provides up to 50 digital images per second at 1280×1024 pixel resolution without any compression of the video data or effects of analogue cabling.

This means around 8 times more accurate information and recognition over a far wider field of view. Rapier 50HD is available as a mono ANPR/ALPR only camera or dual with a second colour module for evidential image capture. The 50HD cameras are provided with megapixel lenses in a range of focal lengths from 5m to 50m. Rapier 50HD has been designed to work in conjunction with our optional Rapier 50LX illumination unit that can be added to installations to provide improved night-time overview images. The Rapier 50HD has been designed for ease of use in fixed applications with standard CCTV installation options for use on gantries, lamp posts and bridges. The camera’s housing is fully sealed to IP68 and purged for long life performance. Connectivity is provided via CAT5e cabling to networks and ANPR/ALPR processor units.

Reasons to buy Rapier 50 HD


high resolution images providing excellent recognition


best-in-class with fifty HD images per second


pulsed illumination with control capabilities over network


low power consumption but high light output


high grade metal enclosure with simple installation options

Weather Proof

hermetically sealed to IP68 for demanding physical environments


full control and feedback of cameras and IR settings

Slave Illumination

optional units for improved overview images at night


GigE Ethernet connectivity for fully digital raw images

Part numbers for this product: EO51DN   GF04HX   KG22SS   JV18PX