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Rapier 54 with Rapier 40



The Rapier 54 ANPR camera incorporates a standard definition 12x zoom ANPR/ALPR camera with a high definition fixed lens GigE overview camera module. The system uses the MAV Systems innovative InfraRed (IR) pulsed LED design to provide a formidable ANPR/ALPR camera solution for use in fixed site applications.

The Rapier 40 is a single camera 12x day/night zoom module which acts as an independent overview video source for the Rapier 54 as a slave unit. The mounting arrangement for the Rapier 54 and Rapier 40 allows the capture of multiple scenes for better violation evidence. When slaved to the Rapier 54, the video output from the Rapier 40 is accessible from the Rapier 54 in two formats simultaneously as analogue video and an IP encoded stream with multiple protocol options.


Within the Rapier 54 there is an unmanaged 1GB network switch with Jumbo Frame support for GigE video that allows the IP streams from the GigE overview and the encoded IP video steam from the Rapier 40 slave to be combined and accessed on either one of the external Ethernet ports, subject to network loading. The Rapier 54 GigE overview camera provides up to 50 digital images per second at 1280×1024 pixel resolution without any compression of the video data but it can be set to lower frame rates or with region of interest and other features to manage data bandwidth.

The camera provides colour images and uses a fixed lens camera with IR cut filter. Rapier 54 has been designed for ease of use in fixed applications with standard CCTV installation options for use on gantries, lamp posts and bridges. The camera’s housing is fully sealed to IP68 and purged for long life performance. Connectivity is provided for both CAT5e cabling to networks and analogue links for local ANPR/ALPR processor units