IQ 350 intelligent ANPR Camera
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Rapier 50



The Rapier 50 ANPR camera incorporates high grade camera technology, innovative InfraRed (IR) pulsed LED design and multiprocessor control circuitry providing formidable ANPR/LPR camera solutions for professional use in fixed situations.

The Rapier 50 provides images for worldwide number plate recognition at a typical range of 5 to 50 metres but has also been proven to provide consistently high visibility plate images at distances in excess of 60 metres, day and night. Rapier 50 provides both IR images for ANPR recognition and colour overview images for evidential capture.

Rapier 50 offers multi-level frame-by-frame variation of IR illumination as standard so that it can provide high quality images from a wide range of differing number plate characteristics. Combined with an impressive 37x
optical zoom, the Rapier 50 outperforms all its competitors.

Rapier 50 has been designed for ease of use in fixed applications with standard CCTV installation options for use on gantries, lamp posts and bridges.

The camera’s housing is fully sealed to IP68 and purged for long life performance.

Reasons to buy Rapier 50


high power illumination and zoom capability in a small housing


best-in-class ANPR images at medium to long range


pulsed multi-level lighting control capabilities


low current requirements for high light output


high grade enclosure with simple installation options


hermetically sealed to IP68 for demanding physical environments


duplex control and feedback with protocol support for drop-in replacement


free setup applications and installation controls


IP – Ethernet connectivity options with integral switch

Part numbers for this product: IP:   36QZ22   36YJ23   Mono:   14VF04   Dual:   24PQ22   47ZL15   36NP15   24PQ22-B   Dual Special Build:   59SD00