Rapier 30/362 ANPR Camera
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Rapier 35/362

Rapier 35/362 - Plug and Play replacement for P362 with 12x zoom


Knowing that the provision of ANPR cameras can change very quickly, our Rapier cameras are designed to ensure compatibility with systems that may require a replacement or upgrade from existing supplier hardware.

The versatility of the Rapier 35/362 mono and dual cameras enables a direct drop-in replacement to ANPR systems which currently use the PIPS P362. The upgrade of Rapier’s zoom lens and truEZoom, provides increased flexibility over fixed lens and ensures you do not need to make further costly changes to your current system. You can retain cabling, frame-grabbers, and software without modification; literally just a camera swap.

Our Rapier 35/362 cameras are available to support the replacement and upgrade from the PIPS 362 and provides a number of additional benefits:

  • Compatible with existing mobile and fixed cabling
  • 12x optical zoom with presets
  • Free applications for simple set up
  • Easy fit brackets and sunshields
  • Efficient operation, nominally 12VDC, 10W
  • Compact enclosure – 138 x 57 x 81 mm (W x H x D)
  • IP68 purged hermetic seal
  • Optional overview camera inclusion

Once in place, Rapier 35/362 cameras offer all the capabilities of the Rapier range for ease of setup and allows migration to Rapier 35 as the natural choice for new installations using proven, high quality units.

For longer range applications, MAV can also provide the Rapier 50 with P362 compatible connectors which will cover distances of over 50m with its high power IR and zoom capabilites.

To discuss replacing your P362 contact us using our enquiry form, email us or by calling +44 1344 859753