How is ANPR Used?

ANPR is an innovative and supportive technological advancement that is used for a wide range of markets to aid efficient flow of traffic, enforcement, verification or associated services.

Law Enforcement

A large proportion of police forces throughout the world use ANPR to support them in conducting investigations as well as providing evidence when seeking convictions. They are a tool in bringing criminal activity to justice and ensuring the safety and security of  citizens.  Whilst this raises many valid civil liberty concerns, ANPR is a well regulated area and our blog hopes to allay some of these concerns.


To provide commuters with an efficient and time saving opportunity, ANPR is used at tolling stations in a wide range of countries as a method of validating vehicle types and payment. Rather than waiting in queues or worrying about the correct change, ANPR systems have been set up to capture number/licence plates of those passing through the toll plaza, allowing drivers to go online or ring later and pay the toll fee rather than having to stop with cash.

Bus Lane Enforcement

Commuters using buses are very aware of the problems that can be caused by drivers illegally using bus lanes or parking in bus stops to ‘pop to the shop’. These drivers at the very least cause huge disruptions to transport and at worst can be the cause of road collisions. To prevent this from happening ANPR cameras are being used to identify those drivers who cause such problems and issue them with penalties in the hope that this will act as a deterrent from doing it again.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) encompasses the application of advanced information and communications technology to transportation in order to achieve enhanced safety and mobility while reducing the environmental impact of transportation. These systems are often supported by ANPR technology to provide efficient relay of information which can be quickly acted upon to benefit users of all modes of transport. This includes providing journey time analysis results as well as identifying causes and solutions to the ever growing problem of pollution throughout areas of heavy traffic. Knowing journey times can assist in the planning of road bypasses, bus lanes, parking guidance and smarter city environments.

Car Park Management

A further solution enabled by ANPR cameras is the effective and efficient processes now available for car park users. ANPR cameras provide support to access control which mean those wishing to park securely can enter and exit a car park without having to find a payment centre and can find notification as to spaces available per sector of the car park. This enables drivers to safely and securely pay at a later time providing ease of use and an efficient service for those wishing or needing to be quickly parked and quickly exited. This does not replace the normal payment or access options but instead provides a further service to those that frequent car parks – especially if you do not wish to display a ticket that informs anyone how long you plan to be leaving your car for!

Other ANPR Solutions

Whilst those sectors listed above provide some of the most common uses of ANPR technology, they by no means cover the full list of solutions. ANPR cameras are used in a much wider variety of applications to support safety, security and efficiency including:

  • Weigh Bridges
  • Sports Venues
  • Retail Parks
  • Bailiffs
  • Low Emission Zones (LEZ)

MAV provide the industry leading camera technology that can be found in each of these sectors. Through constant innovation and with a reputation for continuing quality and reliability, MAV will continue to support further solutions throughout the world enabling a safer, cleaner, more efficient and more secure future.




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