Many of us have paid a toll to use a motorway or highway in the UK or a range of countries throughout the world. These are usually charged to provide a more efficient route or due to the destination you are heading towards. The fees gained from the tolls are often used for repair and maintenance of motorways and further road networks which supports the reduction in poor surfaces and increases the efficiency of travel.

Many people choose toll roads as it provides a more efficient route and will normally reduce the congestion you would experience on other roadways.  The choice of efficiency is also continued through the use of  MAV ANPR technology at tolling stations and plazas. Whilst there is still the option to queue and pay the set toll, increasingly one lane or more is dedicated to drivers who wish to pay at a later time rather than waiting to pass the barriers, this is where MAV ANPR cameras are used. If a driver chooses to pay at a later time they pass through the tolling station without stopping, using one of the lanes provided, at which time their licence plate is captured to register their movements and the driver can call or visit a given website to pay the toll before the stipulated time given.  MAV ANPR technology provides a fast and efficient way to pay for using a toll road.

In addition to this, efficient road tolling reduces fraud related to non-payment, makes charging effective, reduces required manpower to process events of exceptions. MAV cameras have supported such solutions across the world and have provided the benefits of saving traveller’s time and operators money.

MAV products used within the Tolling sector include:

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