In an industry that relies so heavily on customer service, MAV have been able to support efficient customer interaction as well as enhanced security for our partners throughout the world. The diverse requirements of hospitality service providers has led to a wide range of ANPR camera uses to meet those varying needs. MAV have supported access control at hotel, bar and restaurant car parks, notification of guest arrivals for VIP’s and pre-booked cliental, unregistered parking notifications and full security system integration for enhanced guest safety.

These are just some of the solutions that MAV’s ANPR cameras have supported. The continual evolution of providing quality customer experience has led to the integration of technology with face to face service. Such collaboration has enhanced the personal experience delivered to guests and has ensured parking is available and security is provided. Such solutions can also provide hospitality staff with notification of guest arrival allowing for efficient service to be provided and arrangements made prior to guests walking through the door.

The continuing enhancements made to MAV’s range of ANPR cameras including the development of the Rapier 50IQ Intelligent ANPR camera, ensures the highest quality and performance is always available to support the hospitality industry.

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ANPR Cameras to meet the needs of the hospitality industry:

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