Bespoke Solutions

MAV have worked with partners throughout the world to provide them with bespoke ANPR cameras that specifically meet their requirements. Many of our partners have changing needs within each ANPR project and MAV provide the expertise and flexibility to support these needs.

Bespoke solutions are typically based on the proven technologies within our standard Rapier ranges and have included:

  • OEM packaging of the cameras to match a desired style or physical constraints
  • additional illumination capabilities for even longer range or high intensity nighttime images
  • adding thermal camera modules for vehicle classification
  • additional specialist cameras for ultra high definition and multi-exposure capabilities
  • radar integration for vehicle detection
  • motorised pan and tilt (P&T) integration
  • encoder integration for video streaming

Our default is to say “yes” to the opportunity to customise our cameras for specific market requirements.

Talk with us about your bespoke requirements.

MAV have always thought that the extra mile should come as standard and as such we will always try to find a solution to all requests we receive.

This is why MAV have an enviable reputation for innovation and quality and for being the supplier of choice for many partners with ANPR projects throughout the world.

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