ANPR crosses sectors and borders

With car number plates being the most easily distinguishable  mandatory motor vehicle identifiers, the use of ANPR technology has spread to a wide variety of applications across many sectors. As you will have seen in this website there are some core sectors that rely upon the use of ANPR cameras to meet specific objectives from law enforcement to car park management but this by no means is a definitive list of ANPR projects.

ANPR cameras are used in a multitude of ways to support the security, safety and transport efficiency of citizens across the world. This technology is increasingly becoming a pivotal tool to the future plans of local and central governments across the globe through the effective and instantaneous results it can provide. Whilst ANPR is used by huge organisations to meet their requirements it is similarly used by smaller enterprises to facilitate similar objectives of security and efficiency but on a smaller scale. These include:


Weighbridge_Automation_System (3)Weighbridge ANPR systems enhance the throughput of weighbridge systems. MAV’s ANPR cameras can provide simple addition to weighbridge systems to confirm which vehicles are entering or leaving a weighbridge by matching the vehicle’s license plate to weighbridge data. In this way, flow over the weighbridge and accuracy of data that is captured can be improved and efficiency increased. By linking the ANPR information to a database of registered users, the operators of weighbridges can have immediate online access to live data of vehicle loads and set criteria for anomalies or unregistered vehicle usage. The MAV range of ANPR cameras offer market leading levels of rugged design and quality to ensure high performance levels and long life in the harsh environments that weighbridge systems often endure worldwide.

Retail Parks

retail car parkMAV ANPR cameras are used within retail parks for a number of reasons. With the temptation of crime heightened in large retail facilities, ANPR cameras are used to monitor visitors to the retails park and can be used to target criminals that choose to make a quick getaway. This is not only an effective way in which to catch criminals it also dissuades such activity before it begins due to the heightened level of security.

With many retail parks providing free parking for a set amount of time, the temptation for those working close by or for those who want the shortest walk is to abuse the parking privileges provided including those spaces assigned to disabled visitors. Using an ANPR system provides effective control of the parking facility ensuring those that abuse the regulations of the car park are identified with a view to fines being issued. This means that the parking spaces provided are used correctly and visitors are not having to spend additional time circulating the facility to find a space due to the lack of consideration on the part of a few patrons. Retail ANPR projects are becoming increasingly important to support security across the world.

Sports Arenas

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIt is a sad truth that sports events can lead to some outbreaks of trouble. With a view to this, and with the same car parking issues faced as with retail parks, MAV ANPR cameras are used at sport arenas to support the safety of visitors as well as supporting the car parking regulations set forth by the facility. Similarly to retail parks, this action reduces the likelihood of either offences taking place or provides evidence where by suitable enforcement measures can be oranised.



Further ANPR projects in which MAV technology can be found include:

  • Private security
  • Bailiffs
  • Prison Systems

The following cameras support the ANPR requirements identified in this section:

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