The MAV HD IP provides superior ANPR cameras which can be easily connected into an existing IP Network and CCTV infrastructure. The ONVIF compliance enables the cameras to be seamlessly recorded on compatible NVR recorders and, with the flexibility of HD trueZoom™, the camera can be installed and configured providing full 7x24hrs operations in different environments.

The MAV HD:IP is an ONVIF compliant 720p HD resolution ANPR network camera with fully motorised varifocal lens for both IR and colour overview cameras. Configurable H.264 recognition streams ensure high quality images. Built in maxIRange™ pulsed IR lighting offers 3-50m IR performance for day and night use on high speed moving traffic.

The MAV HD:IP provides third party ANPR software with up to thirty 720p images per second from both the ANPR and Overview camera modules. This industry standard output is ONVIF compliant to integrate with standard video network architectures.

The video streams, control protocol and power POE+ are all presented on a single Ethernet connection, simplifying the installation process to being a single cable from a switch or injector.

The MAV HD:IP provides recognition streams suitable for capture of up to 8m lane widths and is simple to set up for perfect field of view at distances from 3m up to 50m. Setup is performed using the camera’s API/web pages or from an ONVIF compliant control device.

The camera’s housing is made of high quality machine milled aluminium and is fully sealed to IP68. Further purged for the removal of moisture for trouble free images and long life performance.

ONVIF PROFILE-S COMPLIANT – Support for standard networking solutions
HIGH QUALITY IMAGES – best quality configurable video streams
ZOOM CAMERAS – controllable for the perfect field of view
POWERFUL IR – for true day/night number plate recognition up to 50m
MULTI-LANE – high resolution images providing excellent recognition
SINGLE PACKAGE – ANPR & Overview network cameras in the same enclosure
PERFORMANCE – 30 HD 720p images per second
ILLUMINATION – pulsed illumination with control capabilities over network
CONTROL – full control and feedback of network cameras and IR settings

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View the MAV HD:IP datasheet