+I/O Expansion Module

MAV IQ expansion module
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Multi-function built-in capability


The +I/O Expansion Module is factory fitted option available for the whole MAV IQ range and allows the connection of multiple peripheral devices such as:

• Radar speed indication
• Pan and Tilt (P&T) integration
• Barrier/Access control
• Variable Message Signs (VMS)
• Communications modules

The Expansion Module also enables triggered ‘no plate’ images using opto-isolated digital input to ensure a colour overview is captured for later investigation where missing, damaged or unreadable plates are identified.

The accessory board has controllable 12VDC output to power peripherals for simple connectivity.


RS232 (General) – 3 wire RS232-C Duplex interface available for general purpose communications via Telnet/Putty/API interface over the IQ’s network interface.
RS232 (Radar) – The RS232 can be used with a choice of MAV radar units that provide synchronised speed information for vehicles. The speed information can be linked to vehicles heading towards and away from the IQ and form part of the JSON metadata. It should be noted that the radar data is not approved for speed enforcement.
RS485 (General) – 2 wire RS485 Duplex interface available for general purpose communications via Telnet/Putty/API interface over the IQ’s network interface.
RS485 (Pan and Tilt (P&T)) – Interface with a range of P&T units using Pelco protocol is available where the IQ can be repositioned to work on different lanes/directions in combination with zoom and presets through web interface or API.
Relay Output – The relay output is suitable for energizing relays. The output is normally open and can be configured to activate the output on plate reads or via API.
Digital Input – Opto-isolated digital input which can be read via API or trigger events including Overview image capture.
12VDC output – Controllable 12VDC output for powering peripherals. Includes the ability to switch peripherals on/off via API. Current limited with reset for up to 0.5A feed suitable for P&T, radar and communications modules.
Power – Adds up to 10W to core IQ power consumption depending on 12V load.
Connectivity – 12 way Binder 720/12.

MAV Peripherals

Pan and Tilt Head – MAV can offer fully integrated P&T heads to compliment the IQ and allow full 360° coverage.
Radar Detector – MAV’s radar offering offers speed and direction information or added data collection and detection.
Bollard Housing – The MAV bollard offers a stylish housing to work alongside industry-standard barriers.