Accessories to meet your varying needs

MAV provide a full range of accessories to meet the different requirements that are found per sector, country and objective. From our range of cables to sun shields and brackets, the list of accessories enables the use of ANPR in a wide range of settings. Whilst the range of accessories provide you with numerous opportunities to create a perfect camera solution, MAV’s customer centric ethos and flexible practices allow for bespoke solutions to be created where a more advanced requirement is found.

Product Key

  • ANPR
    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    Law Enforcement
    Bus Lane Enforcement
    Car Park Management
Rapier 50 sunshield - 37NX23 web
Mobile Fixed Toll Speed Parking Motorway

The wide range of sunshields available from MAV ensure that wherever you locate your ANPR camera, performance will not be affected by problematic lighting conditions caused by sunshine.

Sabre 10 splitter cable - 35YB15
Mobile Fixed Toll Speed Parking Motorway

A wide range of cables are available to meet your varying needs and to ensure that the use of MAV ANPR cameras makes integration into existing or new systems as easy as possible.

ANPR Camera bracket
Mobile Fixed Toll Speed Parking Motorway

MAV provide a wide range of brackets to meet the varying needs of our partners. The range of brackets available provide a host of opportunities for using our ANPR cameras in numerous settings.