We provide assistance with sourcing and integration with many software applications for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, Digital Video Recording (DVR), Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Video Streaming alongside configuration and control for all of our camera products.

Through a combination of internal software development and partnerships with market leading developers, we are able to offer OEM software that will form the core of your systems.

All our camera products are provided with full protocol information to enable you to develop or incorporate camera controls into your applications.  We also offer a suite of software utilities that are suitable for installers and developers to set up the cameras for best ANPR input directly.

Camera Set up Utilities


Rapier Setup Utility

This software application allows fixed and mobile users of Rapier cameras to rapidly configure the cameras for any situation. Just enter the distance you want to capture your licence plates from and the utility does the rest.

Automatic setup will zoom and focus both cameras for optimal IR and overview images.  Fine adjustment is possible using additional on-screen buttons.

sabre controls

Sabre Setup Utilities

These applications provide simple tools for setting up and demonstrating Sabre cameras alongside the iDVR application.  Specifically designed for touchscreen use, the utilities offer the user access to commonly required functionality.

The Sabre interface can display the vehicle’s own speed that is derived from calibrated pulse input to the Sabre.

Video Content Analysis

Video Content Analysis

Video Content Analysis

VCA features of the Rapier IP range

The encoders used within Rapier IP models have the option of a Video Content Analysis (VCA) licence for additional analysis at the camera without additional processing load on the ANPR computer.

Applications of the VCA include:
  • Real-time NAAS confidence/compliance
  • Analysis of traffic flow
  • Vehicle counting
  • Camera stabilisation
  • Vehicle behaviour such as unauthorised stop, abandoned vehicle, driving wrong way, illegal parking and illegal turning
Vehicle counting and virtual triggers have the capability to upload  images or video clips to FTP sites or email for later analysis.

Traffic monitoring features such as direction of travel, stopping, entering and exiting from view can be flagged through IP messaging to the ANPR computer or other devices on the network.

You can configure the VCA for object identification using fully interactive 3D tools that allow every site to be optimised for the perspective of that camera.

3D analysis allows object classes to be determined whether they are close to the camera or in the distance.

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